Saturday, 28 September 2013

Trying to adapt...

I have successfully orienteered my way half way around the globe and now sit typing this blog from my hotel room in Seoul. I was greeted at the airport by Ki-Cheol, one of our guides for the expedition who kindly drove me for 2 hours through Seoul rush hour to my hotel. I have met up with Michiel, Russell and Kev who have already been here for one week. They have told me that they have been having a very successful time so far and I look forward to hearing more about it tomorrow.

My one hiccup, as there is always one hiccup, was that I have brought the wrong adapter with me. Should I need to charge my laptop/phone/camera in New Zealand or Australia then rest assured I will be just fine. Fortunately for me the kind man on the hotel reception has provided me with an adapter, albeit and adapter for my adapter. Where there is a will...there's a way.
My goal for the rest of the evening, what little there is left of it, is to sleep off my jet lag.

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