Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Cheongsong to Juwang Mountain National Park
Today we visited the Juwang Mountain National Park, this is a very picturesque area. We managed to collect seed from several trees and enjoyed breath taking views. Today I had my first chance to climb a tree to collect seed. The tree I climbed was a Platycarya strobilacea and I really enjoyed getting my feet back off the ground again.
Russell giving Michiel a helping hand

Views of Juwang Mountain National Park

Platycarya strobilacea
Collecting seed in the canopy
After lunch we were taken to the construction site of the new Korean arboretum and seed bank. The site is approximately 4000 hectares with 200 hectares of formal gardens. This is a very ambitious project but the construction is coming along very quickly. Michiel kindly parted with some advice and experience and it was very much appreciated by the Koreans.

Juwangsan National Park to Bonghwa

Construction of new seed bank

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